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R&D Center

Supmea R&D department

By 2020, the company has 30 R&D researchers and engineers, and more than 250 employees. Supmea set up  branch offices in Singapore, Philipplines, Malaysia, India etc. To offer better service to customers. Here gathered a senior professional engineers, with a professional design software and test equipment.The company has a strong competitive edge in research and development. This is a dynamic and high-quality team, young R&D team for the company, thriving to provide an endless vitality and dynamism.

R&D is a vital part of Supmea’s new product initiatives. The Supmea’s R&D Center of Excellence facilitates the consistent application of best practices in all dimensions of the company’s software engineering and products development, including people, process and technology.

Supmea technical engineer

The Center taps an elite of experts who serve the company’s operating divisions around the world. Their mission is to ensure that the leading-edge software and products that Supmea develops is best-in-class. They are also responsible for engaging and maintaining resources to support cost-effective engineering. 

Supmea technical consultant Dr Ge

   Dr. Ge

      Supmea technical consultant

· IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission)/TC66 China Expert Group Expert

· Member of SAC (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China)/TC338/TC9

· Senior engineer

· Engaged in the automation industry for 50 years

Eng Kuang Supmea technical chief engineer

   Eng. Kuang

      Supmea technical chief engineer

· Senior engineer

· Engaged in the automation industry for 40 years

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